Fanning the Flames of “Media Created” Anxiety – A Break From Unnecessary Drama


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The news media is more than a source for information and current events. It has become a “roller coaster ride” of drama and self-aggrandizement. We consumers of these presentations are swept up and our visceral anxiety responses are fanned into a frenzy. But why are swept up in this media blitz of emotion?

Since the dawning of the “Information Age” in the 1970’s, we have been steadily drawn into an escalating 24/7 need for worldwide news and the media has provided us with anxiety producing excitement from every corner of the world. Technology allows this instant communication and seems to encourage our “need to know” mentality. We “need to know” because we have a very primitive survival mechanism that stimulates our external focus on any threats, even perceived threats that may exist thousands of miles away, so our unconscious minds can protect us by preparing to fight or to flee from “danger.” When the Flight/Fight Response is triggered, our reactive, survival mechanisms take priority. We can react with “knee jerk” habitual patterns that are unique to our learned responses, but are born from the survival reaction. One major reaction that occurs for many people under threat is a reduced ability to creatively problem solve and communicate effectively. We react and often do not really think things through. When this occurs, mistakes can be made. Accidents can happen. People or projects can get hurt. Relationships can be harmed. Our world can suffer by becoming a victim to poor rational thought in cases of fear or media driven anxiety. It is an extra “heaping, helping” of annoying distractions that take us away from self-care, focus on priorities, and creative pursuits that promote productivity and well-being.

Just before 9/11/2001 our news media changed. Do you remember? About 3 months prior to the terrorist attacks on New York, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania, the television news media upgraded their reporting to include, not just a “talking head” (reporter) giving us the “news” but also text messages flying by on the bottom of the screen, and often a graphic on the left of the “talking head.” Now we have to deal with 3 sources of information simultaneously. This multi-tasking creates added frenetic anxiety in coping with this increased input. Have humans evolved to keep pace with this new use of technology? When we are threatened, we have a response that NEEDS to know what is going on around us so that we can take action and survive any threat. We are often overwhelmed. We have learned to cope by becoming unconscious regarding this media craziness. The media fights to keep our attention. The media has evolved their approach to sensationalize their coverage, to yell at us even louder, with more graphic events that “demand” our attention. Even the weather news whips us with “STORM” coverage that makes weather events major news, even when it occurs hundreds of miles away!

To combat this media blitz on our senses we must do three things. First, we must become aware that we can become victims to sensationalism that may not necessarily be an immediate threat, and filter the news so that we can respond more appropriately. Secondly, as my friend Rodger Ruge suggests, we should consider a media “Fast,” where we reduce and limit the amount of media news that we subject ourselves to. For many of us, turning off the news, especially before bedtime, would be a very good option. The third necessary step is to practice self-care and strengthen our emotional foundations by eating better, avoiding caffeine, getting regular exercise, and practicing daily relaxation.

Awareness of the media frenzy can help protect us and our children from the “overwhelm.” Since the mid 1980’s, we have been deluged by new technologies that force us to react to news and information that is swirling around us. We have experienced: pagers, fax machines, cable TV with 500 channels, Cell phones, text messaging, e-mail, internet information, changes in media coverage of world “disasters,” “robo-calls” at dinner time, and huge expectations that we are plugged in 24/7 and can respond instantaneously even when we are driving our cars…. This is crazy making! Some people can handle this gracefully, in fact, some people can thrive in this environment. But most of us are just victims to our technology and can benefit from setting some limits on the ways that we use, and react to, our technologies… We need to evolve and to create survival strategies that meet our unique, individual requirements.

Please be smart and figure out how to “not become a VICTIM” to the media and our newest technologies!

When we see natural disasters on the TV, we think that we filter the visceral effects on our survival systems, but our unconscious often reacts to the possible threats that are perceive through our visual and auditory senses. When we witness “coverage” of war zones, murders, attacks, rapes, fires, or vehicular accidents, we may believe that this does not affect us at a “conscious level,” but we are still triggering the flight/fight response in some systems at an unconscious level. Have you ever noticed your heart race or your gut tighten when confronted by news or movies? Does your neck, jaw, or back react to accidents or disasters that you witness in person or on TV? Do thoughts of “media images” ever pop into your conscious mind as you try to sleep? We are bombarded by negative media attacks almost everyday.

Do media pundits ever whip you up with their “news coverage” or editorials so that anger or fear seem to rise to the surface of you or your loved ones? This can be emotionally and physically hard on our systems…. Be aware and do not get caught up in the media circus, if at all possible.

Final note. Many people are studying and applying the principles of the “Law of Attraction” believing that goal setting and positive attitudes toward achieving these goals is essential to success. World class competitive athletes have been using these “Sports Psychology” techniques in their training regimen for decades to achieve advantages in mental preparation in their events. When we get caught in the sensationalized, negative reporting by the various media we are sapped of our positive thoughts and energy. We lose our focus on attracting success and positive outcomes. In fact, we can be overwhelmed by negativity. This can strip you of your ability to problem solve in positive and creative ways. Negative thoughts can attract negative outcomes, mistakes, and ill health. Avoiding negativity (and negative thoughts) can be a path to better health and lead to positive outcomes. “Dwell in the Light” and when you feel overwhelmed, consider turning off the negative newscasts and immerse yourself in a book or audio program, or a video that will inspire you with positive; thoughts, actions, and emotions.


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A Consumer Guide Related to Automotive

Chances are when you bring your automobile to a car dealership’s service department either for repair or maintenance, they are going to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) car parts. On the other hand, bringing your car to an independent shop will most likely get you aftermarket parts. What is the distinction between these two car parts? Is the less expensive part always inferior to the more expensive one? In what cases should you not compromise using only OEM parts?

The questions can be answered by coming up with a list of the advantage and disadvantage of aftermarket parts compared to OEM parts. In so doing, a middle ground between cost and quality can be found.

If a car part is not sourced from the car’s manufacturer, that is an aftermarket part. There are a number of companies that produces car parts that work the same way, or even better than that of the original. Majority of independent shops make use of these aftermarket parts. If you will avail of the services of these shops, be smart and make sure you are entrusting your vehicle to a good mechanic who will use high-quality aftermarket parts.
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So why use aftermarket parts?
Interesting Research on Parts – Things You Probably Never Knew

Normally, aftermarket parts cost less than OEM parts with the amount of savings varying by brand. A wise move would be to ask around to get an idea of how a particular part costs and then shop around for the best price. If the price tag is way below market price, be skeptical about its quality.

As for the disadvantage, aftermarket parts may not carry a warranty. Doing away with the warranty is one way of keeping costs down. OEM parts, on the other hand, are those made by the car’s manufacturer. OEM parts match what is in your car when it came off the assembly line.

What makes an OEM part advantageous?

With an OEM part comes a better assurance of quality. The OEM part, being an exact copy of the part you are replacing, can take over its function without a hitch. It is the same part used in manufacturing your vehicle, so its familiarity and performance should give you no worries. More often than not, it is also covered by a one-year warranty which includes the labor as well.

The drawback for OEM parts is that they are not readily available. Most of the time, the only way to buy OEM parts is to go to an authorized car dealership who is the sole distributor. This limits the number of places to buy them from. A request to your local mechanic to use only OEM parts will extend the time your car is in the shop since the parts have to be ordered.

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Why Your Business Needs a Backup Generator It is absolutely essential that your business has a backup generator. If you do not have a way to keep your company running during a power outage, you can lose important information and the trust of your customers. However, finding and installing an emergency generator is a quick and easy solution. Even if you are in completely unfamiliar territory when it comes to this topic, this article will give you all the information you need to get your generator up and running. Your first question may have something to do with the way that generators work. A generator can produce small or large quantities of electricity, depending on its specifications. A generator is usually powered by a reliable fuel source, like oil, for example. A backup generator is programmed to switch on whenever it detects a failure in the main source of power for a building. Since the generator automatically turns itself on within seconds, there is virtually no disruption to your company’s essential activities. If your building does not have a generator system in place, you run the risk of significant loss in the event of a power disruption. When something is easily preventable, it is unwise not to take active steps to prevent it. Now that you understand the importance of having a backup power source, you might also wonder how strong that power source needs to be. If you are a small company, you probably just need an extra few hours to make sure all of your electronics are properly shut down. If your company needs to be online at all times though, you might want to look into getting a large generator. Questions like this can only be answered by you, but you can get a professional assessment to help you make the right choices.
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In small and large companies alike, even a short disruption in power can cause substantial consequences. In fact, you might even have to replace certain types of devices, such as security equipment, appliances, servers, and computers. If your area is expecting a significant storm, as most areas do at least once a decade, there may be very little time left to get your generator installed. Though the exact timing of power outages are unpredictable, it is fair to say that they will happen at least a few times per decade.
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There are a few different types of generators, which provide a variety of features and power capacities. If you are not ready to purchase a generator, many companies also allow you to rent them for a reasonable annual cost. When it comes to protecting your business assets, having a generator can go a long way towards making sure that you do not suffer avoidable financial loss in the future.

Low On Money? Read These Guidelines About Payday Cash Loans

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Have you been in some sort of financial clutter? Do you want just a couple hundred or so dollars to help you to your next income? Online payday loans are around to help you get the money you will need. Nevertheless, you will find things you have to know before you apply for starters. Here are some tips to assist you to make great decisions about these personal loans.

Pay back the complete loan as soon as you can. You are going to obtain a because of day, and be aware of that particular date. The quicker you pay again the borrowed funds 100 %, the sooner your transaction using the payday advance clients are full. That could save you cash over time.

It is usually important to use the Internet to research any personal loan business thoroughly before agreeing to do business with them. Many questionable companies are only waiting to fleece unsuspecting people who are in serious demand for help. Do your due diligence to be certain your payday loan company has a good reputation.

Pay back the whole personal loan when you can. You are likely to have a because of date, and be aware of that day. The earlier you pay rear the money in full, the earlier your transaction with all the pay day loan company is total. That could save you money in the end.

Generally read every one of the stipulations involved with a cash advance. Identify each point of monthly interest, what every possible payment is and the way significantly every one is. You desire an urgent situation link loan to help you out of your existing scenarios to on your feet, but it is feasible for these scenarios to snowball above a number of paychecks.

Prior to finalizing your payday advance, go through all of the small print in the arrangement. Payday cash loans may have a large amount of lawful vocabulary concealed inside them, and in some cases that legal language is used to mask hidden costs, high-valued delayed service fees along with other stuff that can eliminate your pocket. Before signing, be wise and know exactly what you are actually putting your signature on.

Shop around before deciding on a paycheck lender. Loan companies be different when it comes to how higher their interest rates are, and several have much less service fees as opposed to others. Some paycheck creditors may possibly provide you funds instantly, while others could make you hold out a couple of days. Should you overview a variety of loan applications, you are sure to find a bank loan that best meets your needs.

Dual-check the specifications for online payday loans set out with the lender before you decide to pin your entire expectations on obtaining one particular. Many companies don’t just need you developing a work, but you should have been at it for approximately three to six several weeks. In this way they could authenticate which you plan to spend them again.

Whenever you take a personal loan, you need to be capable of paying it well. Businesses will be really prolonged to obtain rear their funds unless you meet the timeline. Your financial institution may possibly hit you with service fees, that can just put in your financial debt. You have to have money offered to guarantee this example doesn’t happen to you.

Payday cash loans are certainly not federally licensed. Consequently, the principles, fees and interest rates vary among states. Ny, Arizona and also other claims have banned payday cash loans therefore you need to make sure one of these brilliant lending options is even an option for you personally. You must also calculate the total amount you have got to pay off well before taking a payday advance.

Will not lay about your revenue as a way to be eligible for a a cash advance. This really is not a good idea simply because they will provide you a lot more than you are able to perfectly manage to spend them rear. Consequently, you are going to result in a worse financial circumstances than you had been presently in.

Those seeking to take out a cash advance could be best if you make use of the competing marketplace that exists among lenders. There are many diverse creditors available that most will try out to give you greater bargains as a way to attract more company. Try to look for these delivers out.

You now know the advantages and disadvantages of entering into a cash advance purchase, you are greater knowledgeable about what certain issues is highly recommended prior to signing at the base series. When used intelligently, this service enables you to your benefit, as a result, tend not to be so speedy to low cost the possibility if crisis money are needed.

Study: My Understanding of Computers

Buying The Right Computer Software The collection of programs, procedures as well as documentation of all tasks performed on a computer is how the word computer software is simply defined. Basically, the applications that we are suing on our laptops and PCs similar to office programs and the operating system itself are great example of computer software. Actually, any types of programs that we are loading and installing to our computers are called computer software. In most instances, a lot of the computer software is available via CD and it is how this is installed to our computer. Any new programs that you have bought for your computer or laptop are being classified as a type of software. Without a software package, you will not be able to use the full features of your computer. When software is opened or placed onto your computer, it’s loaded to the RAM or the Random Access Memory and being executed by the CPU or the Central Processing Unit. There are 3 main types of software that are being used in today’s world as a matter of fact. The first among the three is the system software. To run computer hardware and also the computer system itself is the major function of this. There is also a software program for programmers to help them write computer programs including compliers, text editors, linkers and interpreters and this is known as programming software. And there’s this application software that is enabling consumers to complete one or several tasks.
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Application software packages are widely used in the industrial, educational, medical databases, computer games and corporate world.
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Buying the right computer software for your needs could be done in so many ways. One of it is by buying it from retail stores in your local area; the thing is, when buying software from such, it might be a bit daunting and time consuming because usually, these stores are limited with the software available. As a matter of fact, the internet itself is also an excellent source if you want to buy a software for your computer; it’s not just home for information but for various businesses as well. You will have better chances of finding what type of software that suits your needs and PC requirements through this. Therefore, regardless of the type of software you plan to buy whether it’s for tracking, video or photo editing, gaming or whatsoever, you can find it easily. On the other hand, when buying online, just be careful before you make a purchase. As much as possible, do research first about the company where you plan to buy to guarantee that they are a legitimate seller.

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SEO: Using the Best Keywords for Your Website

Adding quality web content on a regular basis is a great SEO tactic. Major search engines determine that your website is active because of new contents being added on a regular basis. Aside from the main content, it is also important to choose the appropriate subjects or categories according to your website. Internet users have keen attention to subject and main content keywords, and use these keywords to locate needed information through major search engines. With appropriateness in keyword, you increase the volume of your content, achieve optimization, and increase your website’s visibility.

What does focus keyword mean in SEO? Focus keyword is defined as the words used you intend for your website to rank for, so when internet users search for that keyword, they’ll find your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technology behind proper use of keywords to increase ranking among search engines. SEO agencies plugin evaluates the web page’s content, providing feedback on how to improve the web content for that focus keyword. Your word choices should consist of the higher percentage of your web content. You usually want a long tail keyword that contain multiple words especially for your blog posts. Plugin helps in supplementing keyword entry, with suggested keywords basing on major search engines. Suggestions are given, inclusive of terms and logical combinations of words used by actual internet users to search on the web. It gives you fresh and new ideas about the search behavior of people in a specific area you want to write about.

Once you’ve found a long tail search term you like to begin ranking for, you should determine if your chosen focus keywords generate a high volume, which determines your ranking among search engines. Internet trends give you some ideas about creative ways to increase search volume, allowing you to compare search volume between two keywords over time. Check high-ranking posts similar to your topic, and analyze the keywords used, so you can apply the strategy to your own webpage to increase your traffic. Apart from knowing the common keywords used by people, you need to know the needs, wants and expectations of people who use search engine.

The best way to find out if your website will gain a higher rank is by searching the keywords you’ve used on search engines, and check if your webpage is included in the first few pages. Each URL has its own specific set of keywords, which need to be carefully created and reviewed, as it creates a huge effect in the visibility, effectiveness, flexibility, attractiveness, sense and optimization of your posts. Thus, proper use of keywords is an important factor in SEO.

Source: *Each URL Has Its Own Specific Set Of Keywords*

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Putting in a Network Telephone System

Everyone knows that the IT infrastructure in your business is going to have a very large impact on your company. For the vast majority of jobs in this country, you need to have a computer to complete almost every part of your job. When they are using their computer at work they are also relying on networking equipment that makes it possible for them to connect with the outside internet. They are also likely going to be using applications that are hosted on your company’s servers to be able to complete their job. You are going to want to make sure you put the right investment into the IT of your business. One of the things that you are going to want to consider is the other processes that could be network connected. This is why so many businesses are switching their telephone systems to applications that are hosted on their network.

When you put a network run telephone system into place, there are a couple of advantages that come along with it. When you have a network telephone system, your IT manager is going to have a much easier time allocating numbers to your users. Plus, this will allow your mobile users to maintain their desk number when they are not in the office. You are also going to be able to download a soft phone applications onto the computers of your users instead of having to have a physical phone for each employee.

If you are interested in network telephone systems, there are a couple of things that you are going to want to make sure you have in place. The application that you would be running is going to take a lot of bandwidth, you need to make sure your equipment can handle it. You will also want to get professional development for your IT manager so they know how to manage the application on your server.
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When you are looking at network telephone systems, there are a couple of major manufacturers for you to consider. You will want to do some research so you can optimize the investment your business is making. You should also look to get multiple quotes from different vendors so you can be sure you are getting the best price for the system you buy.
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There are many ways that your IT infrastructure can be used to help your employees succeed. Investing in a network telephone system is something that can improve the experience that your employees and customers are having. To be sure you are making the best investment, you should weight all the options you have.

A Simple Plan For Investigating Telephones

Find the Right Business Phone System for You

Using a home phone is easy. The phone simply has to be plugged on and a number dialed to make a phone call. However, using business phone systems is not as easy as it is for home systems. This is true whether the business just has a handful or hundreds of employees.

All businesses need efficient phone systems that allow proper communication among employees as well as with outside parties. To determine the right phone to go with, it’s crucial to determine the needs of your business. One of the important features of the business phone system should its scalability. Therefore, before starting to shop for a phone system, you should know the extent to which your business will have grown in the next few years. Also, look for a phone system that is within your budget.

Buying the Right Business Phone
Consider the size of your business when choosing a phone system. Apart from the number of employees in your business, consider the communication devices used in the office. Some of the popular communication devices you may have in the office include fax machines, credit card terminals and modems. If you need a phone system for your retail store, keep in mind the POS systems as well.
Where To Start with Telephones and More

All the communication systems in your business will need their own line to work efficiently within the business phone system. To know the correct amount of lines you will need, double the number of lines you are currently using. From here, the next step is to determine your budget.
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How Much Can You Afford
Your budget is one of the things that will determine the best phone system to go for. Know how much you are ready to spend on a business phone system before you go shopping. Remember, you do not simply want to save on costs for the sake of it. Look for a phone system that is both affordable and has the features you need for your business. Confirm that the phone system you wish to buy has specific features that are important for your business.

To find the phone system that is within your budget, you have to compare costs. Here, consider both the one-time and recurring costs. For example, will you be required to pay extra for installation of the system? Also, are there any monthly fees to be paid. Repair and maintenance costs should also be factored before buying the system.

You need to do your research well to find the right business phone system for you. Read reviews of the phone system you wish to buy to know what to expect from it. You will be better off choosing a system from a company with good reviews.

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4 Important Benefits of Using an HVAC Contractor It is possible for your heater, furnace, or HVAC system to get complications. Such breakdowns often necessitate the hiring and consultation of an HVAC contractor. However, if you do not have the means to pay a contractor, you can choose to make the problem a DIY project. Doing such a project on your own can help you save a lot of money. However, not all people are passionate about DIY projects. In addition, not everyone has the know-how on how to handle many DIY projects. Lack of technical knowledge may hinder you from performing any DIY projects. In the first place, you may not have the right knowledge and tools to handle the HVAC problems. Secondly, lack of certification and experience may hinder you from conducting the necessary repairs. Finally, DIY projects can cause some damage to property and bring about injuries.It is in these situations that you might end up seeking a contractor. You should opt to hire a professional HVAC contractor instead of turning your problem into a DIY project because of the three reasons cited below. Safety and certification
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It is important to keep your animals and property safe. It is wise to offer protection to your property and family. If you think that your property is important and your family is priceless, then hiring a professional HVAC contractor is the ideal thing to do.HVAC contractors should be your option towards a safe future. The HVAC contractors have the perfect knowledge, tools, and certification. Since they are equipped with all these, they are capable of delivering quality services, which are error and accident-free. The HVAC professionals are certified and also possess the right training to deal with issues including carbon monoxide and gas leakage. They know exactly what needs to be done and how it should be done safely. On the other hand, you can do things the wrong way and end up causing safety problems.
Doing Professionals The Right Way
Have proper knowledge Air conditioner contractors have the right type of skills and knowledge that helps them make your HVAC system function optimally. HVAC contractors possess the ideal knowledge, certification and experience, which allows them handle their projects professionally. Thus, it is ideal to hire a person that has the right type of experience and knowledge. Moreover, it is ideal for one to avoid doing such tasks on their own. You may think that you can save money, but if you lack the know-how you could even lose more money. Finally, you may not be capable of conducting a project analysis well. Dependable Well-established and reputable HVAC contractors often offer some forms of special payment options, discounts, and varying payment deals. These payment plans and extra features increase flexibility and even cut costs.

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Choosing an HVAC Contractor It is advisable to maintain your HVAC on a regular basis to keep it in top condition. When your unit is not well maintained, it is bound to be inefficient. As a result, the unit will not work optimally and your energy bills will skyrocket. You should do your research well to find the right HVAC company to repair your unit. There are various HVAC contractors in your city you can hire to carry out repairs. However, before doing so, it’s important to research well. You do not want to hire a company simply because it is well known in your city. Before hiring, ascertain the credibility of the company by doing some research. Tips on Finding HVAC Companies To make your work easier, you can search for HVAC contractors on the internet. When you search online, you will find the contact information of many companies providing HVAC repair services. However, do not be in a rush to hire before doing some due diligence. One of the things you should do is check the reviews of the companies you are considering to hire. Check whether the reviews of the company on the internet are positive or negative.
A Brief Rundown of Services

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Another important thing to consider is the experience of the company. It is best to choose a HVAC contractor that has been working for years in your city. Such a contractor is likely to have handled many jobs and will not have a problem with your project. The more years a contractor has been in business, the better. Check Local Associations Local associations are also good places to check for referrals of top HVAC contractors in your city. The associations usually have a profile with background information of any of their members you may wish to hire. Most HVAC networks require members to be insured, which is your advantage as you won’t have to worry about potential accidents that can happen at your home. You can also read reviews of various HVAC contractors serving your area by checking online review directories. The reviews are usually left by vetted customers that have worked with the contractors in the past. From the reviews, you can know what to expect of a company you want to hire. You can know the quality of work as well as the fees to expect when you want to work with a particular company. Cost of the Service The fees you will pay is another important factor to consider before hiring a HVAC company. Make sure the contractor you want to hire is affordable. Ask for quotes from different vendors to ensure you are not taken advantage of. However, be careful not to specifically choose a company for charging low prices.